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The Causes Of Mumbai Traffic And How Parking App Can Help

The Causes Of Mumbai Traffic And How Parking App Can Help

12 Nov 2019

Mumbai traffic and traffic in other metro cities is getting worse day by day and it happened by multiple causes. Surely, there are a lot of cars on the road as people used to commute to their office daily on their own vehicles. This is the major cause of traffic jams.

What are the causes of Mumbai traffic?

Though there are multiple reasons that cause traffic congestion, the main reason is the running of a large number of cars on the Mumbai roads. Other than that below are mentioned some of the main causes of Mumbai traffic:

Too many cars on the roadway due to less number of transit options. This is the cause of severe traffic jams on the roads of Mumbai, especially during peak hours or office hours.

Sometimes there can be obstacles and mergers on the road due to various reasons such as road work, lane closure due to utility work, double parking, road narrowing down, any accident, etc.

Due to out of synchronization of traffic signals. This might be due to some fault that hasn't been fixed. Unavailability of traffic signals during peak traffic hours can cause major traffic havoc.

Less parking facility.

Due to less number of rail freight opportunities, a large number of trucks can be seen on the roads of Mumbai. These big vehicles block a large area on the road that does not allow traffic to move frequently. This causes a severe traffic jam on the road.

Traffic jams can be caused due to any type of construction going on. This does not allow mass transit to move smoothly. So, the area becomes overcrowded due to the inadequacy of the road system.

How parking apps can help?

Among the various reasons for traffic jams, inadequate parking facility is a major problem in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai. People find it extremely difficult to find a suitable parking spot during their time at work. This causes them to roam on the roads to find a parking area that also causes traffic jams. The availability of parking apps can be helpful in healing the traffic condition. How parking apps contribute to solve the parking problem is mentioned below:

• Secure a parking spot in advance: If you have a good parking app available on your phone then there is no need to worry about the availability of the parking space to park your vehicle. With the help of the app, you can find the most suitable parking spot near your destination. This saves time and also helps in avoiding jams.

• Notifications for road closures: Parking apps are connected with the maps that can also inform you about any road closures or warning for high traffic in the area.

Choose a good parking app to avoid delays on the way to work.

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