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Top Challenges Of Parking In India

Top Challenges Of Parking In India

19 Nov 2019

In past few years there has been seen an immense rise of motorization in metro cities. Increasing urbanization and growth of per capita income are the main reasons for increasing number of vehicles on road. Various researches and studies have revealed that in metro cities, a vehicle commuter generally spends 70 to 80 hours in a year in finding the parking only. Isn’t it an eye-opening fact? The main problem of car parking in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities is because of many reasons

The Most Common Challenges That A Parking Facility Are Facing In India Are:

• Limited Parking Space One of the prime challenges that Indian cities are facing is the limited parking space. The increasing registration of new cars is not able to meet the supply of limited parking space. Because it is difficult to come up with new parking space thus it is important that we now come with new car parking solutions for the available parking space.

• Poor Developed Parking Space Infrastructure The available parking spaces are not developed well which has made it look unplanned and unorganized. If these spaces could be re-developed with well-planned infrastructure and new facilities then they can offer much more occupancy for parking of vehicles.

• Unregulated Tariff Plans It is also one of the major challenges which needed to be worked upon. It has been many years now that the parking tariffs have remained unregulated. Where some of the parking spaces are free, some of them have been priced for hourly basis and then some other has been heavily priced. The unregulated tariff plans now need to get controlled by some price regulations.

• Issue Of Cruising Congested roads, full parking spaces lead many vehicles to cruise on road in search for appropriate parking space. This makes traffic worst and affects the pollution levels too. This is another major challenge which is being faced by people on daily basis on Indian roads.

•People’s Preference For On-Street Parking Although with increasing vehicles on road the government has started developing off-site parking sites but people still prefer to park in on-street parking spaces rather then parking their vehicle on off-street sites. The convenience of easy accessibility, quick unparking, and cheap fees has made on-street parking a convenient option for the vehicle owners. People’s preference for on-street parking is not able to put off-street parking to optimum utilization.

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