No and it will be so ever. The entire process of signing up and listing out your parking space is always free Do I have to pay taxes for the earning I make? Please ask the client Do I need to attend the driver when he parks? Not necessarily! If you have clearly mentioned the steps the driver needs to follow to access your space and the things s/he needs to keep in mind, there's no need for you to physically present at the space when s/he arrives How to achieve positive reputation at Parkingbay? A positive impression means the driver will come back, will recommend your space and rate you highly - which means higher income! Keep your parking space clean, make sure all the features you listed are available, upgrade your space with latest facilities, create an impressive listing, and respond to queries quickly! Just a few of the many people are more likely to appreciate you as a good space owner! How to calculate the worth of my parking space? We do not suggest any pricing. It's up to you to judge and set a price. If you need help setting up the price, you can check out the parking space lists in your area I will be unavailable sometime. Is it okay? You can set your unavailability in advance to make sure no bookings are made on the day

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We seek to redefine the parking experience for drivers. We connect them with verified parking spaces so when they travel, they do not need to worry about parking woes!


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