How do I open an account with Parkingbay?
Open the app, register as a new member after entering desired credentials, and continue using the app.

How do I download the app?
The app is freely available to install on android phones. Go to the Play Store, search "Parkingbay", give necessary permission if required and install the app

I canít log into my account. What do I do?
Did you forget the password? You can request for a new password. Still having problems using the app? You can contact our customer care representatives to restore your account.

How do you handle customer data?
We securely store all customer data. Please read our privacy policy to learn more. We take utmost care to ensure all customer data - personal and financial - are fully secured.

Where is Parkingbay available?
We presently operate in Pune, with an aim to branch out to other cities soon.

How to list my parking space You can register as a space owner, and enter the details to list your space. You can visit the Rent your space page to learn more about specific queries about renting your parking real estate

Which payment methods are available and when will my payment method be charged?
We accept all major payments, including bank transfer, and Pay Tm. To learn more, please contact our customer care team.

Will I receive an invoice?
Yes, We send invoice for every transaction completed.

Who we are

We seek to redefine the parking experience for drivers. We connect them with verified parking spaces so when they travel, they do not need to worry about parking woes!


Mumbai, Maharashtra



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