Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

At Parkingbay, we seek to provide quality customer experience. While we understand cancellation is a natural part of any reservation, a few best practices and policies govern cancellation policies at Parkingbay. This is to eliminate any confusion and provide you superior customer service. We strongly suggest you read this page carefully, and you read it regularly because we may introduce new changes based on the service availability and other factors. For any query relating to the cancellation policies that you find uncovered and/or if you have any questions about the mentioned policies, always feel free to contact us.
If the parking real estate owner cancels any pre-booked reservation, the driver will always receive the full refund.
As per our cancellation policies, if a driver cancels, the refund amount is governed by two things -
1. The length of your booking
2. The time the driver makes the cancellation request
For Hourly Booking Cancellation
The driver receives full refund if cancellation request is made before booking starts. There's no refund if the cancellation is made after booking date.
For Monthly Booking Cancellation
If a driver cancels before the booking begins, a total of 3 days will be deducted. If the cancellation is done after the booking begins, a total of 7 days will be deducted from the remaining days.
Please Note
Please raise your complaints with us within 24 hours after the booking begins.
A booking will be termed officially cancelled only when we approve the cancellation.
Parkingbay reserves complete right to approve and/or cancel any request. If required, we can mediate during any disputes, and the decision Parkingbay takes will be held final.
How do we calculate a day?
We follow calendar days that reset at 12 AM. If your booking spans beyond 12 AM, you will be charged for a total of two days, no matter whether your booking spans less than 24 hours of timeline.

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